We Lead by Design

we visualize. we make sense. we make change. 


thesis projects

We Lead Creative Change

we innovate. we are driven by design.



CCAD’s Master of Design in Innovation Design Strategies places the designer at the center of creative transformation in society and in business. 


Our innovative, human-centered curriculum which blended design thinking, strategic design, service design, and foresight, prepared us to lead creative change and design-driven innovation to provide sustainable advantage to businesses and nonprofits.

We Create Meaningful Impact

we work hands-on. we solve real problems.

real-world projects

We apply design strategies to develop impactful, innovative solutions to critical problems for real-world commercial, cultural, and community-based projects.

faces of MDes 2020


We Collaborate to Thrive

we have diverse backgrounds. we work in multi-disciplinary teams.

Columbus College of Art & Design | Master of Design 2020

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